What can I expect? 

Artwork that has been commissioned will be done in the fun colorful style. After ordering your portrait, you will have to email me your favorite photo/photos to Dane [at] DanesPaintedPets [dot] com. Once your portrait is completed, I will email you a photo for approval before spraying the piece for protection. Once approved, you will receive the original painting on professional clayboard 1/8" fully framed and ready to hang. Choose the color of your frame when you place your order. 

Can I get prints or merchandise with my pet on it? 

Absolutely! If you love your portrait and would like to order prints to share with family and friends, or to purchase greeting cards using your pet's image, just let us know in the notes when you check out! If you are interested in purchasing merchandise with your pet's portrait, take a look at our Merchandise page to see what's offered and email us to let us know what you'd like. 

What types of photos do you require and where do I send them?

It is important to send high quality, clear photos to work from that are in a pose you LOVE! To get the best results from your portrait, high-quality photos are a must!. If you aren't sure what photo will make a great portrait, feel free to send a few photos. I only work from one photo, so it is key that the photos you send me, best represent your pet!

Send photos to: Dane [at] DanesPaintedPets [dot] com. 

Can I request certain colors?

Absolutely! If there is a specific color you want me to include or avoid, just make sure to let me know when sending photos or checking out.

What if I want to make a change? 

I will do my best to accommodate small changes after sending the final proof. Unfortunately watercolor can be fairly unforgiving when it comes to major changes. You can always add color, but it can be very difficult to take it away. All custom work sales are final.


What if I need it for a specific date? 

I can usually accommodate tight timelines and I always do my best to get your portrait done within 1-10 weeks from the time of ordering.  If for whatever reason, I cannot complete your order in the time required, I will let you know right away and provide a refund if needed.